I’m going to miss these ladies!

The decision to move to Spain was surprisingly easy.  When Kyle first got into IE Business School we could hardly believe it.  After all, it was a highly competitive program.  So when he received an email early one morning saying he’d been accepted, we were in disbelief and kept saying, “how can we NOT do this?!?!?”  We literally went through all the pros and cons and in the end, the only thing we were sure of was that when we grow old and look back on our life there is no way we would ever look back and wish we hadn’t gone to Spain!

Just because the decision to go was clear, it didn’t mean the move and the thought of being so far away from all our wonderful family and friends was easy.  Fortunately I was able to settle into an instant group of friends with the IE Partners Club.  It was great to have a group of women (sadly no husbands) all experiencing the same thing – living in a foreign country with husbands/partners going through an incredibly intensive academic program.  We turned to each other for friendship along with tips on setting up cell phones, finding apartments, going grocery shopping, and other things we all took for granted at ‘home.’

After an intensive year in Madrid it was hard to say goodbye to this amazing group of women.  We were all scattering across the world, moving back to where we were from or heading off on another new adventure.  Thank you to my fellow partners.  You made Madrid feel like home!

Here we are at our farewell lunch.


And here are four preggo partners – me, Adina, Mandy and Erin.


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