We love you Carmencita

One of the places that truly made us feel at home in Madrid was Carmencita.  Our friends, Josh and Amanda, and Greg moved to an apartment near this little corner bar and we quickly became regulars.  Greg became such a fixture of the place that a burger was named after him when he moved away from Madrid!  We loved this place for many reasons…

Maryanne (Isabel).  At Carmencita you’ll be greeted by one of the loveliest people you’ll ever meet.  Her mom is Spanish and Dad is American so she knew just how to make us feel at home away from home.  She and her boyfriend opened Carmencita and work tirelessly to make it the amazing place it is.  We were pleased to find out that while she goes by Maryann, her real name is actually Isabel (pronounces e-sa-bel), which is the name we had already chosen for our soon-to-be-born baby girl!

Brunch.  Other than a few extremely overpriced spots, Spain has not discovered the joy of a large, late breakfast that includes eggs and mimosas, so we were thrilled to have a place where we could get huevos rancheros or french toast after a night out!

Toasts.  I still dream of the tosta con aguacate y champinones (toast with avocado and mushrooms).  We’ve managed to replicate this at home, but it still doesn’t quite compare to the delicious simplicity that Carmencita captured.  This tosta was literally one of the only things I could actually enjoy eating during the first few months of my pregnancy!

Here we are all dressed up to go to Carmencita’s birthday party – we miss you Carmencita!  Besos!


And a view of the 22 week baby bump – this was shortly after we learned we were having a baby girl!


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