Turning 30 in Paris

I realize that many people dread the thought of turning 30, but oddly enough I’ve actually been looking forward to it.  My best friend, Gioia, and I have always said we would “peak at 30” and and it certainly feels as if that’s true, however I’m now going to shift that to “peaking at 40” just so this trend continues!

In honor of my big 3-0, Kyle and I took a trip to Paris and it could not have been more incredible.  We basically walked and ate our way through the city – our favorite way to travel.  And we were lucky to have recommendations from our friends, Mattieu and Chloe, who have lived in Paris and gave us some inside scoop into their amazing city.

We stayed at a fantastic hotel in Monte Marte, an eclectic neighborhood that is home to the Moulin Rouge and where the movie “Amelie” was filmed.  We loved it!

Our friends, Chloe and Mattieu, gave us some wonderful recommendations for our time in Paris.  We particularly enjoyed a new little restaurant Chloe recommended that a couple from Seattle opened near the Palais Royale – Verjus.  The atmosphere was incredible, as if it was built into a little cave, and the food (an assortment of small plates) was perfect.  I know not many people rave about broccoli, but let me tell you… the broccoli was amazing!

Another major highlights was a boat tour on the Seine.  It was a perfectly clear day and after walking the entire city of Paris it was a pleasant change of pace to sit on the boat and soak up the sights.

We loved seeing pad locks on all the bridges – apparently the tradition is for couples to place a lock on one of the bridges on special occasions like their anniversaries or wedding days.

A trip to Paris wouldn’t be complete without a stop my Notre Dame…

The Louvre…

Or the Eiffel Tour…

We were excited for a night out on my actual birthday and couldn’t resist taking a quick photo to capture the growing baby bump!

Speaking of bellies…did I mention the amount of food we ate on this trip?  Croissants, baguettes, crepes, chocolate…  Here’s a picture of me with my chocolate gorilla friend – do you like our matching bellies?!?

And since I’m not drinking alcohol these days, I was quite pleased to discover ‘jus de pomme’ or sparkling cider.  One night we got crepes to go and popped open a bottle at the hotel in place of our usual champagne!

Here are a few more pics of this amazing city…

I cannot imagine a better way to kick of my 30’s!


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