Geneva Switzerland

At the end of October we decided to go on a weekend getaway with our good friends, Rachel and Kevin, and settled on Geneva, Switzerland as our destination.  None of us were exactly sure what to expect but we were not disappointed by the gorgeous scenery and charming little city.

We arrived late on a Friday, just in time to grab drinks at a cozy little wine bar next to our hotel – Bibarium – before heading to bed.  With my beverage selections limited to the non-alcoholic variety, this is where I discovered how delicious apple cider was and continued to order it everywhere else we went for the rest of the weekend!

We spent our first crisp fall morning in Geneva walking along Lake Geneva and were in awe of the changing leaves and misty waterfront.

That afternoon, we hopped on a bus to the base of the Swiss Alps and took a teleferico up the side of the mountain where we soaked up the spectacular views.

After our trip up the mountain we made a couple of important stops – first at Laduree for the most delicious macaroons I’ve ever eaten in my life and then a break for another apple cider (sparkling this time) where we had to capture me and Rachel in our matching outfits.

We topped off the day with a delicious fondue dinner.

Before we had to catch our flight back to Madrid on Sunday, we walked on the other side of the lake to see the famous Geneva flower clock and captured a few pictures of my growing baby bump.

We ended our trip with pho for lunch.  Vietnamese soup may not be the most authentic Swiss cuisine, but it is one of the things that can’t be found in Madrid and we were all thrilled to enjoy one of our favorite meals!

Au revoir Geneva!


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