Valencia Triathlon 2011

My friend Nadia and I began training for the Valencia triathlon in May and discovered that we actually enjoyed heading to the gym every day for a swim, bike or run…apparently having a ‘workout buddy’ is the only way to go!

We were lucky to have a pack of cheerleaders to support us – Kyle, Lalit, Greg, Michelle and Steve – and they even cooked us a gourmet pasta dinner the night before the race.

Our training hit a bit of a wall in August when we began travelling and weren’t around to stick with our regular schedule.  I hit a total road block when I hit week 6 of my pregnancy (just 2 weeks before the triathlon) and could hardly bear the thought of food, let alone running without wanting to vomit on the side of the road!  We had been working so hard up to that point that it was a little disappointing to see our training slip, but when the day of the race came we felt ready – terrified, but ready!

Swim… (we think that’s us in the picture below but I’m not positive…)



And we did it!!!  I never would have finished, let alone made it to the starting line, without Nadia and am so proud of our accomplishment!


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