Otro Mundo

Later in August, Kyle and I set out on a ‘glamping’ getaway in the Sierra del Segura region of Spain – basically halfway between Madrid and Barcelona.  We fell in love with the Otro Mundo website and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit these eco-domes for a quiet weekend away with just the two of us…especially after we discovered the news that we had a baby on the way, it was the perfect way to celebrate!

Otro Mundo was designed, built and now cared for by a young couple from the Netherlands who’s second baby girl had just been born 2 weeks before we arrived!  They were gracious hosts and incredible cooks – we definitely ended the weekend thinking “we would love to be friends with these people and come back to visit again someday!”

Our weekend was spent exploring nearby villages, taking a mini-hike, eating delicious meals with our amazing hosts, swimming in a fresh water pool to escape the heat, and enjoying the quiet of being ‘in the middle of nowhere’ in our own little dome.

On the way home, we also made a quick stop by the Lagunas de Ruidera – a series of lakes connected by a chain of small waterfalls – which were packed full of Spanish vacationers but absolutely beautiful!


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