Camping across Northern Spain and Southern France…

The month of August seems to be an undeclared ‘holiday’ in Madrid – the sweltering streets are quiet and stores and restaurants shut their doors.  Kyle’s school follows suit by giving students the month of August off between terms.  So, I made arrangements to take a few days off and work from the road as we set out on a camping trip across the Northern coast of Spain and Southern France.  Incredible!

We rented two cars, filled them with tents, coolers and supplies, and hit the road with our Boise friends (the Lingles) and friends we’ve met in Spain (the Chopras and the Porters).  Nadia did all the hard work of planning our route and selecting camp sites and did an amazing job – thank you Nadia!  You can be our trip planner any time!  And we love our new BIG tent!

First stop – Camping la Paz near Santander in the Northwest corner of Spain that literally sat on a hillside overlooking the ocean.  Due to one incorrect number in our GPS coordinates, we took a bit of a detour along an impossible dirt road and were racing to find our way before the sun went down…ah the adventures!  Luckily, we made it safe and sound, got our tents set up quickly and easily, and enjoyed some tasty chipotle black bean burgers heated on the grill before calling it a night.  We woke to a breathtaking view of the ocean.  Nadia and I took a run on a section of the El Camino trail before we all packed up and headed to our next stop.

Second stop – I got dropped off at an internet cafe in San Sebastian to work for the afternoon while the rest of the crew went on to our next camp site (Camping de la Ferme) on the beach near St. Jean de Luz, France.  Apparently it was a bit of a mad house as they arrived with loud music playing everywhere, sites packed on top of each other and people everywhere.  After a swim in the ocean and getting tents set up, the rest of the crew came back into San Sebastian to meet me for the night.  We went on our own little tapa crawl and enjoyed the gorgeous old town and waterfront promenade.  By the time we got back to the camp site, quiet hours were being strictly enforced and you never would have guessed that it was the same, crazy place as earlier that day.  We woke the next morning in time for Nadia, Jenny and I to go for a chilly swim in the ocean before heading off to our next stop.  Nadia and I were training for a triathlon at this point and it was great to practice swimming in open water!  We didn’t even stay long enough to take any pics here!

Third stop –  Campsite Municipal de l’Eyre, just South of Bordeaux.  This was the first place we’d be spending more than one night and it felt nice knowing that we’d have a few days to explore before packing up again.  We went for a bike ride on the first day – even Abby got to come along in a little backpack!  The next day, we went into Bordeaux for some wine tasting (no wine for me since I was the official designated driver) and to explore the city a bit.

Fourth and final stop – Camping du Lac in the Pyrenees.  This was my favorite spot and an amazing place to end our trip.  We hiked to a waterfall one day and went on an urban hike another.  The Pyrenees were stunning and definitely somewhere you could spend weeks exploring!

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  1. Really takes me back. I remember most the trail bike rides between and through the vineyards. The occasional stop to sample the wine wasn’t bad either.

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