The Lingle’s Visit Europe

Our good friends from Boise, Idaho, Drew and Jenny Lingle, planned their visit perfectly by coming to Madrid just as Kyle finished his third term at IE.  They took three weeks off to explore Europe and we were happy to join them on much of their adventure!  During their time here, we explored Madrid, London, Ireland, and camped across the North of Spain and Southern France.  Let’s just say it was nothing short of INCREDIBLE.

After a few days in Madrid, the four of us headed out to spend a day in London on our way to Ireland.  It was a quick trip – literally less than 10 hours in the city – but we packed in a lot of walking and sight seeing in a short amount of time.  We had a particularly successful trip thanks to our friends Rachel and Kevin Chu, who prepared us with the perfect walking and eating tour!

From Victoria Station we walked towards Buckingham Palace and happened to time it perfectly to see the changing of the guard.  We strolled through James’s Park through Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, and on to Covent Garden.

Covent Garden was at the top of my list of places to see.  I went on a month long tour of Europe by myself when I graduated from college in 2004 and was fortunate enough to stay with some friends-of-friends that I’d never met before at their gorgeous flat next to Covent Garden.  I have a similar picture to the one below from over 6 years ago!

After a walk along the River Thames we were ready for lunch, and Kevin had recommended the perfect spot – enter “Pieminister” for the most delicious pies with peas and mash you could hope for!

Our walk along the Thames continued and we saw the Millenium Bridge and London Bridge.  We also went up to the top of the Tate Modern to appreciate the view.

One of our last stops was at the Tower of London – we didn’t make it inside the tower walls, but were glad to have at least stopped by.

Later in the afternoon, I found a Starbucks to hunker down in so I could get some work done while Kyle, Drew, and Jenny made their way to Westminster Abbey and actually attended an evening service to get the full experience of this beautiful church.

We ended the day with dinner in a pub and caught a train to Stansted where we’d catch our early morning flight to Dublin the next day – this was where we hit a few bumps in the road, but now I’d like to think of it as all part of our grand adventure!  Next stop…Dublin!


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  1. I had a great meal at a place called Gruel when I was in Dublin in 2006. (And it appears to still be open: Sounds like an amazing trip!

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