Birthday Celebration for “Keelay”

Kyle celebrated his 28th birthday (yes, he’s a baby) on July 7th…but this year, he celebrated as “Keelay.”  Little did you know that Kyle has a new identity in Madrid and he has come to be known as “Keelay” – the phonetic pronunciation of Kyle for Spanish speakers.  Slowly but surely the name stuck and now his IE friends endearingly refer to their friend, their class representative, their group member, and their classmate as Keelay.

In honor of Keelay’s bday we invited a few friends over to our tiny little apartment to celebrate with a little cake and a toast to my favorite person in the world.  My mom and Randy were even here to give him an in-person bday hug and Abby was happy to help blow out the candles on his delicious bday cake.

We also celebrated over the weekend with a night out in honor of Kyle and his friend, Oscar, who’s birthday was on July 8th.  Feliz cumpleanos Kyle and Oscar!



Feliz Cumpleanos mi amor!

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