Partners and Picnics

Kyle’s school, IE or Instituto de Empressa, formed a “Partners Club” for all the wives, girlfriends, partners, and supposedly husbands (though we’ve yet to spot one) of students who might otherwise be sitting at home alone for a year while their partner is off at school for 8+ hours a day and has social activities planned for nearly every night of the week.  While it may sound a bit cheesy, I can honestly say that I don’t know how I would have survived this year or enjoyed Madrid as much as I have if it hadn’t been for all the amazing partners I’ve met!

One of my favorite “partner” activities is picnics in the park.  We started planning picnics last spring and they’ve continued here and there throughout the summer and now into the fall.  There are a few ‘regulars’ that show up every week without fail and there tends to be at least one ‘newby’ at every picnic as well.  We all bring something to share and spend a couple of hours lounging in the shade, catching up on each other’s lives, helping each other with “where can you find x in Madrid” questions, and enjoying the down time.

These photos are from a particularly fun picnic when we celebrated my wonderful friend Rachel’s birthday!

I’m going to miss these incredible women and our afternoons in the park desperately when we head back to Seattle!


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