Cho-Grander Adventure: Part 3 Belgium

The final destination on our Cho-Grander spring break adventure was Brussels, Belgium – known for hosting the headquarters of the European Union and for its delicious Belgian beers, chocolates, waffles and pomme frites (aka french fries).

We ate and walked our way through this charming city and were struck by it’s beauty, as well as it’s contradictions.  I had been here before (read more about that trip here) but we all kept talking about the amazing differences between one part of the city and another – modern versus historic, trendy versus run down, and the list goes on…

One of our favorite spots was Place St. Gery where supposedly the oldest and most famous fry stand sits in a small, round hut with a long line at the window and a number of surrounding bars with signs that indicate it’s okay to bring your fries in and have a beer.  We took full advantage of this opportunity!

We were particularly impressed by the views in the evening as the sun was setting – gorgeous lighting, impressive coloring.

Before heading to the airport, we decided to enjoy one last leisurely lounge in the park near where we stayed.  We thought we’d enjoy the white wine we’d bought in Germany since we hadn’t had it yet and it wouldn’t make it home in our carry-on bags, but it turns out that German white wine is not our favorite – it was a nice idea.

We were so thankful to our friend, Adina, for letting us stay at her apartment while she and her husband and daughter were still in Madrid.  At the end of the trip, we were all sad to say goodbye to Brussels and Lalit and Kyle were particularly sad to say goodbye to the rental car we’d enjoyed for the week.


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