Kickin’ it in Gear

Back in May, after 7 months without seeing the inside of a gym, Kyle and I finally decided it was time to join 02 Wellness and get our lazy Spanish behinds in shape!  I also wrote about this experience on the Guiri Guide.

I had sworn by my pedometer and walking 10,000 steps a day for almost a year (thanks to our friends Dave and Greer!) and truly believe it’s one of the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle that exists.  I was vigilant about getting my steps before we moved, even going so far as running in place to hit the 10,000 step mark before going to bed.  I even set a rule that if I missed a day that I had to walk 20,000 steps the next day to make up for it!  I’ve never been so committed to something in my life and I loved it!

Kyle ran a 1/2 Marathon in April (more on that here) so when we joined the gym in May I decided I wanted to set a goal that I could work for too.  My dear friend, Nadia, and I  decided to train and compete in a sprint triathlon in Valencia this September and haven’t looked back since!  It has been incredible to have a training buddy and I’ve been so impressed by how hard we’re working while still having fun!  Now we dream of choosing a yearly triathlon to train for and meet for in some new city around the world – one, to keep in shape, and two, so we can guarantee to see each other at least once a year!

Another 7 weeks of training and we’ll be off to Valencia…pictures and stories of our race to come!


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