Cho-Grander Adventure: Part 1 Dusseldorf

After what seemed like a never-ending term, Kyle’s spring break gave us a much needed chance to travel and take a break from the stresses of school and work.  Our plans were inspired by our Seattle friends, Ian and Tiffany Courtnage, who happened to have picked Kyle’s spring break to spend in Amsterdam.  Our Madrid friends, Nadia and Lalit Chopra, were also up for a spring break adventure and we were thrilled to head off on a Cho-Grander Adventure through Dusseldorf, Amsterdam and Brussels.  We’ll begin with part one in Dusseldorf.

Dusseldorf.  Where?  Ohhh…Dusseldorf, Germany.  Why are you going there?  Oh, because it was the cheapest flight on RyanAir that got us somewhat close to Amsterdam.  Ah, that makes sense.  Funny thing is, it turns out that Dusseldorf is actually a lovely place that I’d consider visiting again!

We checked into our hotel and were greeted by containers full of gummy candies – not a bad welcome – and ducky key chains, of course…

After a low key night at the hotel we set out the next morning expecting to grab a coffee and hit the road in our rental car for Amsterdam.  Little did we know that we’d end up spending most of the day in the charming town of Dusseldorf, complete with a stroll along the Rhine River, discovery of an amazing open-air market, German beers on the promenade, and of course…bratwurst for the carnivores!

We were all impressed by the unique architecture in the more modern part of Dusseldorf.

We were also fortunate to visit during the week before Easter when the market was overflowing with gorgeous flowers (the ranunculas are my favorite) and beautifully dyed Easter eggs.

Our trip to Germany wouldn’t have been complete without stopping for a German beer overlooking the Rhine River and bratwurst and fries as a last hurrah.

Next stop…Amsterdam!!!






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  1. I love these photos!

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