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Sunny Bday Get Together in Plaza Mayor

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A few weeks ago our friends, Amanda and Josh Mischel, celebrated their birthdays together (since they’re only about a week apart) with a lazy Saturday afternoon in Plaza mayor, complete with calamari sandwiches (cheese for me), big beers and some serious sunshine.  It was one of the warmest days we’ve had this spring and we enjoyed soaking up some vitamin D while wishing Josh and Amanda a happy bday!

The birthday couple – Amanda and Josh

A celebration wouldn’t be complete without the Chopra’s – Nadia and Lalit

And don’t forget Alison and Greg

But we all know that Abby was the real life of the party – perhaps with the chubby spiderman in the background coming in at a close second!


Runnin’, runnin’, runnin’

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On April 3rd, Kyle ran his second sub 2 hour half-marathon and I was there to cheer him on!  And we certainly weren’t alone…several of our friends ran and even more came out to cheer on the impressive runners.

Here are a few highlights from the starting line to the finish line – jajajaja, vamos chicos!!!

We tried to catch everyone as they ran by – see Kim, Erin, Nazia, Alison, Andreas, and Sarah – but we managed to miss or barely catch Kyle, Rachel and Michelle.  We caused quite a Spanish scene with whistles, party horns, a drum and a tambourine!

Baby Makenzie, Celeste, me, Mandy, April, Adina and baby Nora had a fantastic time cheering and were totally INSPIRED by our runner friends.

And they did it!  The finish line was filled with high fives, sweaty hugs (and kisses in my case) and much deserved congratulations – way to go runners!

We celebrated the great accomplishment of 13.1 miles with a potluck bbq on Erin and Andrew’s patio – what a nice way to spend a Sunday!  Even better when you weren’t the one who ran 13.1 miles!  Although, I did mention we were inspired?  Perhaps I’ll join the runners next time…

I’m in love with my kindle

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I carry my kindle in it’s nice orange cover with me everywhere I go.  It has become one of my most valued possessions in Madrid and I don’t know what I would do without it!  (Thanks for the early b-day present Mom!!!)

I have been trying to keep up with my Seattle friends and our “Too Busy Book Club” and have joined a Madrid book club as well.

Here’s my growing list of books that I’ve read since being in Madrid…

Little Bee

Island Beneath the Sea

Between the Assassinations

Cutting for Stone

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Like Water for Chocolate

Devil in the White City

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (In progress)

On the list…

The Corrections

The Sweet Spot at the Bottom of the Pie

Any suggestions to add to my list?  Leave a comment below!

Becky & Deric in Madrid

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The Corriell’s – Becky and Deric – are our dear friends from Seattle who won the prize for being the first to book their trip to visit when we decided to move to Madrid.  When they came to visit in March, they were our first ‘friend’ visitors and we were thrilled to have them stay with us, even for just a few days.  It was the perfect taste of Seattle.

In preparation for Becky and Deric’s visit, we decided that the Ikea pull-out-couch with wooden slats and a thin little mattress just wasn’t going to cut it for our guests.  Our sister(in-law) and brother-in-law, Megan and Dasch, had already suffered through a few days with the flimsy mattress on the floor and we felt terrible that we didn’t have a more cozy sleeping situation in place.  So, when our friend Cesar offered to let us borrow their double decker, full sized aerobed we said, “yes please!”  So, that first night we turned on the pump and oohed and ahhhed over the nice bed that was inflating before our eyes.  When it was fully inflated and we flipped off the pump and were greeted by a “ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss” sound – it became clear that we had a problem.  There was a small crack near where the pump connected and no amount of McGyver like maneuvering would do the trick – yes, Becky and I made a valiant attempt complete with super-glue, tape, and rolled up plastic bags, but it was to no avail.  Becky and Deric ended up slowly sinking to the floor as the sad aerobed hissed away.  At least we tried!

For the rest of the visit, Becky and Deric explored the city of Madrid during the day while Kyle was at school and I was working and then we’d all meet up to go out at night.  We went to Cava Baja (a street famous for it’s tapa hopping bars), Mercado San Miguel, San Gines for churros, and to Sesamo (a touristy sangria bar where we felt old and decided it was a one-time visit), along with lots of nice walks and down time at our cozy apartment.

Becky and Deric – we absolutely loved having you in Madrid.  It was incredible to be so far away from “home” and feel like we hadn’t skipped a beat after being away for over 6 months.  Thank you for visiting our home in Madrid, for the delicious Trader Joe’s peanut butter pretzels, my curly hair product that you can’t find anywhere but VAIN in Ballard, and for an amazing week of great food and lots of laughter!