Spring has Sprung – Time for a Bike Ride!

At the end of March, our dear friend Karina suggested the perfect plan for the first warm, sunny, spring-like Sunday in Madrid – biking and a picnic in Retiro Park!  We rented bikes from By Bike and made our way into the crowded park with Abby nestled into the basket of my bike, just like our own little Todo!  I wrote about this great day on Guiri Guide to Madrid too…

Abby wasn’t a big fan of the basket situation at first, but eventually she settled in and enjoyed the wind blowing through her fur!

After weaving in and out of crowds we took a break for a picnic and Abby even made friends with an adorable little Maltese (wow, is Abby in need of a haircut or what?!?!).

Can we do this again?!?!  Kyle took a day off of studying, Abby got to leave her “den” (our tiny little apartment), and we got to spend some time in the sun with our great friends, Cesar and Karina!


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