Waffle anyone?

Whenever I’ve thought of Belgium, the first thing that’s come to mind is waffles.  Okay…so it is the capital of the European Union, the home of a complex political system with French and Flemish speakers, and a beautiful little country wedged between France, Germany, Luxemberg and the Netherlands, but waffles are certainly a notable feature.

When the wife of one of Kyle’s classmates, Adina, put out an open invitation for people to come visit – I jumped at the opportunity.  And was thrilled to have four other ‘partners’ (as we wives of IE students call ourselves) make the trip as well!  I couldn’t imagine a better group of women to travel with – thank you Alison, Rachel, Mandy, Erin and Adina for such an amazing trip.

Adina was a fantastic host and made us feel perfectly cozy in her lovely 1 bedroom apartment.  You would be amazed how comfortably 6 women and a baby managed to live together in such a small space!  It helps that baby Nora is an angel and made us believe that being a mom could actually be “easy” – a word that had never crossed our minds in coordination with motherhood before.

We basically ate our way through brussels – waffles, fries, pizza, beer, cheese, wine, chocolate – you name it, we ate it.  It was all delicious but left us feeling a strong urge to eat nothing but vegetables for the next two weeks!

We took a day trip to the charming town of Brugge and enjoyed a boat tour and strolling the streets despite the rainy weather.

I’ll leave you with this clip that a friend of mine shared with me that basically sums up the country of Belgium – thanks for sharing Jess!


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  1. […] beauty, as well as it’s contradictions.  I had been here before (read more about that trip here) but we all kept talking about the amazing differences between one part of the city and another […]

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