1 Down, 4 to Go…

Kyle officially completed his first term at IE and lived to tell about it.  It was no easy feat as he spent hours and hours in class, studying, working with his group, and doing what he could to be successful in this challenging and competitive program.  I’m so proud of how focused he’s been and have actually enjoyed hearing him talk about what he’s learning, ranging from how to make a socially responsible business profitable to why he never, ever wants to be an accountant.  It’s been exciting to watch him learn and grow among an incredibly talented, motivated group of classmates.

Below is his section, – N4 – the group of people he has all of his classes with throughout the entire program, following their last exam.  Congratulations!

And then it was time to celebrate as superheroes!  For those of you that know Kyle and I, dressing up is not one of our favorite things.  However, I may have changed my mind after spending a fun night out as Bat Man and Bat Girl!  Thanks to Erin for the excellent photos!

Kyle certainly has a lot of work cut out for him in the next nine months, but we know that if it’s anything like these first 4 months, it will definitely be worth it!


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