Mi Amor

Ah, Valentine’s day in Madrid…

Two years ago we were on our honeymoon in Cabo over Valentine’s day and it forever changed our Valentine’s day traditions.  We’ve never made much of a fuss over this overly commercialized holiday, but do tend to use it as an excuse for a little extra “I love you” occasion.  When we were in Cabo, Kyle planned a romantic day at an exclusive beach resort where he thought we’d enjoy an afternoon on the beach and a nice dinner at the ocean front restaurant.

Little did we know that his sweet intentions would turn out to be a bit of a disaster!  We should have known we were getting in over our heads when we had to go through two security check points to even enter the resort, but we kept our cool and made our way to the nearly deserted beach and pool area.  After a bit of awkward lounging by the pool, we walked the beach (pic above) and sat at the bar for chips and guac that we tried to savor at a whopping $15 per margarita!  They were good, but really?!?!

The next sign that we were a bit out of place came when we saw Matthew Perry stumble out of a resort van after a day of golfing, red faced and stumbling of course, but Matthew Perry none-the-less!  It was finally time for dinner and we settled in hoping to relax and enjoy the gorgeous view.  Kyle had specifically asked about a pre-fix menu since it was Valentine’s day and they assured him we could order off the regular menu.  Little did we know that the pre-fix menu was about $150 per person (not including wine) and we could only order off the regular menu in addition to the pre-fix!  Needless to say, we were expected to drop a minimum of about $400 on one dinner and we were not pleased.  So, what did we do?  Oh…we walked out, stopped at a little market, and went back to the house we were staying at to celebrate our romantic evening with homemade quesadilla’s and beer!

So what did our Valentine’s day in Madrid look like?  This…

And since I was in Belgium the weekend before Valentine’s Day, it included this…


Our time in Madrid has certainly increased our appreciation for ‘the little things’ and for each other.  With the challenges of living in a place so different from “home” it’s made us realize that we are in fact each other’s “home” no matter where we find ourselves in the world.  I think we’ve both been impressed with how well the other is doing – whether in school, with work, making new friends, learning Spanish, etc. – and we certainly feel lucky to be in this together!

Nothing says “I love you” like quesadillas, beer!


One Response to “Mi Amor”

  1. Anne & Kyle, I really loving reading about your awesome adventures in Madrid. I LOVE the Valentine tradition! Big hugs from Seattle!

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