And I thought I might be bored…

Keeping busy in Madrid has certainly not been as challenging as I expected it to be – it seems there’s always something to do and I’m thankful to have continued working full time with Stand for Children!  With Kyle spending an average of 9+ hours a day at school or studying, it’s up to me to fill my days and experience Madrid on my own during the week.

My typical weekday in Madrid looks like this…

Roll out of bed and eat breakfast while perusing Facebook, the NY Times, etc.

Work, work, work – dig through emails that accumulated since I went to bed at 3pm Seattle time and plan for the day ahead.

Hop in the shower, throw on some clothes, and give Abby a snuggle goodbye!

Spanish class at AIL – I adore my profesora, Anna, and classmates, Erin, Shir, and Hassam.  Let’s just hope my Spanish continues to improve!

Home for lunch – leftovers or a tortilla bocadillo (tortilla is an egg/potato mixture similar to a quiche on baguette) and a quick walk around the block with Abby.

From that point on, my day (and night) is mostly dedicated to work, but I certainly try to squeeze in a few adventures here and there.  Some of my favorite afternoon activities so far, include…

  • Cooking – I’ve been testing out some amazing new recipes from my dear friend Lukas Volger, author of Veggie Burgers Every Which Way and have also been on a major risotto kick.
  • Hunting down cozy cafes with free wifi – I try to spend at least a couple of days a week working somewhere other than my little apartment, often with my friend Rachel who I ‘pomodoro‘ with.  My favorite spots so far are Harina and Azul (both have amazing cafe con leche and baked treats).
  • Madrid bookclub – One of the things I knew I would miss about Seattle was my “Too Busy Book Club” so I was thrilled when other ‘partners’ of IE students were interested in starting our own Madrid Book club.  So far we’ve read “Island Beneath the Sea,” “Water for Elephants” and now we’re on to “Between Assassinations.”
  • Writing – Of course I love documenting the highlights of our time in Madrid on our Granderson Getaway blog, but I’ve also started writing for a blog that was started by two IE partners last year to support ‘foreigners’ moving to Madrid.  I’m honored to join this team and write a weekly post for The Guiri Guide to Madrid.
  • Walking – I’ve recommitted to my 10,000 steps a day after a bit of a holiday hiatus.  This city is perfect for pedestrians strolling the streets and admiring how every neighborhood has it’s own charms and personality. Retiro (the ‘Central Park’ of Madrid) is definitely my (and Abby’s) personal favorite walking spot.

I’ve also been thinking it’s about time I start a ‘must do in Madrid’ list since the time is flying by and we’ll be heading back to Seattle before we know it!  Stay posted for my ‘must do’ ideas…


One Response to “And I thought I might be bored…”

  1. I love that you two are having such an amazing experience and creating such great memories! Reading your blog makes me so happy for you. Oh and I LOVE that gray coat. Super Cute!

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