Playing Martha Stuart for Christmas

I wouldn’t claim to be a crafty person, but I will admit to catching the ‘crafty bug’ now and again and tackling the occasional project.  There was my ‘scrapbooking phase’, my ‘sewing little stuffed toys for friends’ babies phase’, my ‘drawing in a sketchbook phase’ and now…my ‘stocking sewing’ phase.

Kyle’s family was coming to visit and I longed to make our tiny little apartment feel like “home” for the holidays.  What’s more ‘homey’ than stockings?!?!  Fortunately my enthusiasm was shared by my dear friend and partner in crime, Nadia Chopra.  The mention of sequins had her hooked and we were on a mission to create the perfect stockings.

First stop – Corte Engles (the Spanish department store that literally sells EVERYTHING – i.e, clothes, makeup, pet supplies, books, tools, appliances, insurance, groceries, car parts, tv’s, and the list goes on…).  We found our way to the fabric department and sorted our way through felt, thread, needles, pom-poms, and of course – sequins.  Then we headed back to my apartment to get to work with Christmas music playing on Pandora and Abby ‘helping’.

We slaved away for several hours but were quite pleased with the final result.  Eventually, I managed to make 6 Christmas stockings to be filled on Christmas morning!  Watch out Martha Stuart – you’ve got some competition on your hands!


One Response to “Playing Martha Stuart for Christmas”

  1. The stockings were definitely a welcomed surprise! We appreciated every stitch and sequin, as well as the warmth from the very special hospitality.

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