Kyle’s first day of school – finally!

Kyle finally had his first official day of school!  The acceptance email from IE arrived in February, we moved out of our house in June, flew to Madrid in October, moved into our new apartment in November, and after 3 weeks of orientation and ‘launch’ (aka teambuilding and networking activities) Kyle finally had his first official day of class at IE Business School last Monday!  And he looked good too…

The first day of class was a big deal, not only for Kyle to attend his first classes, but also because he got to choose his seat.  You wouldn’t believe the buzz that flurried around IE about how early people were planning to show up to make sure they got a good spot!  It seems that where you sit matters a bit more when you know you’ll be stuck there for every class, for the entire 3 month term – seriously.  Fortunately, Kyle landed a prime seat with an aisle to his left – perfect for a left-hander. 

Day one included ‘information systems,’ ‘managerial economics,’ and ‘financial accounting’ – riveting, right?  It looks like the next year will be packed full of case studies, reading, and group projects.

Now to backtrack…

Kyle’s first day of orientation – all the IE students went to the main IE campus in nearby Segovia – was a formal kickoff to the program.  The 2011 class of IMBA students represents over 80 different nationalities!  Included in the photo above are students from Columbia, Brazil, the U.S., and Peru.  We’ve met incredible people from Italy, France, the UK, Israel, Egypt, Japan, South Korea, India, Columbia, Germany, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, and many, many others.

During the second week of Kyle’s launch, he participated in a Social Responsibility Forum to learn about sustainable business practices.  Kyle was impressed by the caliber of speakers and motivated to engage with other IE students interested in combining entrepreneurial efforts with creating positive outcomes for communities.

“The 5th annual IE Social Responsibility Forum will showcase many of the exciting and innovative developments and opportunities happening around the world, focusing on the impact of social and environmental changes on business paradigms. All changes, great and small, will hopefully lead to the next big thing.”

Anne got to join Kyle at a reception following the forum and compete with a team in the “Marshmallow Tower Contest.”  Our strategy was precise and calibrated; our outcome was a bit unbalanced and wobbly!  We worked with Chikako, Erin, and Erick – go team!

Kyle certainly has his work cut out for him in the coming months, but there is no doubt that he will have gained tremendous knowledge, experience, and perspective by the conclusion of his program next December.  This is truly the ultimate Granderson getaway and so far we’re soaking up every experience to the fullest!


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