Makin’ Whoopies

As many of you know, Kyle and Anne look forward to fall for one important reason (okay, there are many – but one in particular takes the cake)…PUMPKIN.

Granderson Pumpkin Party 2008 – we did not win the contest with our “Idaho” carved pumpkin.

Each year we hold the “Annual Granderson Pumpkin Party” complete with our amazing friends and family; a pumpkin carving contest with bronzed pumpkin trophy to document annual winners; and all things pumpkin (pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin penne pasta, pumpkin chocolate chip bread…).  But the real star of the Granderson Pumpkin Party is the Pumpkin Whoopie Pies.

Imagine two fluffy, cake-like pumpkin cookies held together as a sandwich by perfectly sweet creamcheese frosting.  Yum.  If it’s hard for you to picture, this image might help:

So what are the Granderson’s to do in Spain, where canned pumpkin seems to be nearly impossible to come by?  Why, go to the American Store in Madrid of course! 

We walked away with six cans of pumpkin sold at 2,50 euro a pop – yikes – but worth every penny!

Now we just have to figure out how to use our oven (that supposedly functions as a microwave and a traditional oven at once) and find baking sheets tiny enough to fit inside and we’ll be set.  We were sad to have this year pass without the Granderson Pumpkin Party, but are already looking forward to 2012!  Time to start crafting designs so your name can take its place in history on the bronze pumpkin.

Now, time to go make some whoopies!


2 Responses to “Makin’ Whoopies”

  1. Happy Birthday Annie! This is my first view of the blog! Spain sounds so amazing, I am so glad you and Kyle are having a great time. I loved your description of your time with Matt and Erin. I miss knowing that you are all together and think of you both often.
    take care, Love Pat

  2. Happy Birthday Anne!! Can’t wait to catch up on all you guys have done since you got to Spain. Hope we can skype one of these days!!

    We miss you guys!

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