At Home on Diego de Leon

The Granderson’s have found a home away from home in Madrid!  We finally have an address for the next 14 months:

Diego de Leon, 61 4c
Madrid, Spain 28006

Can you tell we’re pretty happy about unpacking our bags and settling in for our ultimate Granderson Getaway?  After a week in a hotel, two and a half weeks with our incredible friends (Karina and Cesar), a week without internet, and two trips to Ikea – we’re loving our new home!  

To start with, let’s just say that in choosing our new home we went with “quality over quantity” with our cozy little space.  Who needs a bedroom door anyway?  Multiple rooms are totally overrated when sunlight pours through the windows and you have a safari in your bathroom (just be patient for this one…).  Would you like a tour of our new apartment?  Don’t worry…it won’t take long since it’s all of 350 square feet!

This is the view from the front door.  Living room and ‘home office’ straight ahead and kitchen table conveniently wedged between the wall and a pillar.

A peek at the bedroom.  After looking at a number of apartments with two twin beds pushed together, we were pleased to find a cozy full size bed to curl up in.  An added bonus is that the bed lifts up to hide a space for storage – not that we have enough stuff here to need extra storage!


Washer (no dryers here) and oven in our little kitchen.  We’re not technically sure if we can call it an oven at this point since supposedly it’s a microwave and traditional oven in one and we haven’t quite figured out how to use the “oven” mode yet.  We had better figure it out soon though since we’re in desperate need of home baked pumpkin whoopie pies!

It’s a general belief of Anne’s that every happy home has a rooster in the kitchen – some of her dearest friends can attest – so of course this timer has made itself comfortable on our kitchen counter.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for…welcome to the safari in our bathroom.  The shower is hiding behind the door, but as you can see, the highlight is the animals that our dear friend Lily (age 2) named off on Skype the other day – Lion, Monkey, Giraffe, and Elephant!

Abby says thank you for taking a tour of the new Granderson abode and wanted us to tell you that the couch has a foldout bed ready for visitors!


3 Responses to “At Home on Diego de Leon”

  1. Vanessa Latimer Says:

    It looks perfect! I’m so glad you guys found a home finally. You both look thrilled!

  2. Jeremy Yanasak Says:

    That’s the most efficient use of 350 square feet I’ve ever seen. And you even have room for a rooster! Well done.

  3. […] honor of Keelay’s bday we invited a few friends over to our tiny little apartment to celebrate with a little cake and a toast to my favorite person in the world.  My mom and Randy […]

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