Rainy Day in Toledo

We tried to buy tickets online to take a day trip to the small, historical town of Toledo but the website wasn’t working.  We meant to wake up at 8am to catch our train but overslept and didn’t wake up until 9:30.  We looked out the window expecting to see blue skies but were surprised to discover clouds and rain.  Perhaps we should have taken these things as a sign that Saturday was a good day to curl up in Cesar and Karina’s cozy apartment and watch a movie rather than go on an adventure to Toledo!

But no…we decided to take advantage of our time here and headed to the train station.  We were able to get tickets and grab a quick desayuno of croissants and café – pretty terrible compared to the amazing croissants and café we’ve gotten spoiled by at The Columbian Coffee Shop near Kyle’s school where we’ve become “regulars.”  We climbed onto the train and settled into our seats, glad that we only had a 30 minute ride ahead of us. 

We arrived to find it cold, wet and CROWDED.  We navigated our way up the steep steps to the fortified part of the city on a hill and discovered that it was beautiful despite the overwhelming crowds and dreary weather.  We had Abby with us (of course) and were somewhat limited in the places we could go in and out of, so we spent much of our time wandering the narrow streets sight-seeing and admiring the architecture rather than touring through museums and other monuments.

This city had once been the Spanish capital and a center for Moors, Jews and Christians, so we soaked up the history and admired the incredible Cathedral and synagogue before settling in for a late lunch huddled next to a heater under the large patio umbrellas on the main plaza.

Next, we set out in search of a convent Kyle had heard about on NPR where you put your money on a turntable that comes back around with pastries made by the nuns of the convent.  Apparently the mystery of the nuns hidden behind the turntable and the delicious pastries are worth finding, but we were unsuccessful.  Cesar assured us when we got home that it does exist, but that finding it is no easy feat.  Next time!

Wet and cold, we caught our train back to Madrid and couldn’t have been happier to get back to Cesar and Karina’s warm, cozy apartment.  We pulled on our sweats – yes, our lulu lemon sweats – and snuggled up to watch “Date Night” and eat popcorn with our wonderful friends.  All-in-all a great end to our rainy day in Toledo!


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