It’s been almost 9 months since Anne became a vegetarian.  It wasn’t a huge life-changing experience since she didn’t eat a lot of meat to begin with, but it has made her feel so much better about the food she eats that it’s unlikely she’ll ever turn back!

Besides, living in Seattle made it easy…there were vegetarian and vegan options sprouting out of every grocery store, restaurant, and especially her favorite – PCC.  So what’s it like being vegetarian in a region overflowing with all things meaty and cured?  Let’s just say that Anne has been eating a lot of bread, cheese and tortilla (delicious egg and potato dish)!

After two weeks, things are looking up.  Here are just a few highlights:

Vegetariano restaurant in Chueca – Karina and Cesar took us to this fantastic little place in the lively neighborhood of Chueca (much like Seattle’s Capitol Hill).  Anne had a veggie lasagne with lentils and Kyle had something called Tumbet Mallorquin. Delicious! 

San Wich – We were walking along when we spotted a window with a shadow image of our french bulldog friend, Lou, on it.  Not only did we love the little corner space with white floors and black counters, but we noticed hamburgesa vegetariano highlighted on the chalk board menu and made a note to come back.  When we did, we were not disappointed.  We enjoyed a lunch of cervecas (beers), patatas fritas (chips), and amazing hamburgesa vegetarianos (veggie burgers made with quinoa and other tasty ingredients on a homemade roll with a kind of spicy, dijon/aoli) – yum.  We will be going back here for sure!

And we’ve been cooking as much as possible too…

Yakisoba: This was a challenging one to find ingredients for with our limited Spanish vocabulary at the grocery store, but we ended up with chinese egg noodles (similar to soba noodles), peppers, cabbage, onions, soy sauce, garlic and prawns.  What we thought would be a disaster turned out to be really good!  This meal was inspired because Cesar talked about how much he missed Seattle’s abundance of good Asian food.  We are now on a mission to find thai food and pho in Madrid!

Eggplant Parmesan:  You can’t go wrong with breaded, fried, eggplant baked in marinara sauce and smothered in cheese!  Especially when it’s paired with roasted cualiflower in lemon and garlic, bread, red wine and good friends.  Me gusta mucho!

So far so good on the vegetariano front.


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  1. Amanda Erekson Says:

    Hi Anne! I always check this website out before I go on a trip! They have listings for places all over the world, people can add listings and they check on the accuracy and update it all the time. There are a bunch of places in Madrid!,+spain&x=8&y=18

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