Kyle starts school on Monday and we’re still homeless, so we decided to take an impromptu trip to Salamanca – just a 2 ½ hour train ride west of Madrid.  We found a pet friendly, budget hotel online and packed our backpacks for the weekend.  Abby wasn’t sure what to think about having to take the metro and a train, but she settled into her little orange bag and made the best of it – bueno perra.  Our “cosita” – little one.

All was well as we rolled into Salamanca train station around 7pm, ready for a relaxing weekend in a beautiful town.  Apparently we were a little too relaxed already because what happened next was something out of a comedy!  As we gathered our things and made our way off the train, we were in no rush – Salamanca was the final stop after all.  However, as Anne stepped off the train the door slid closed behind her with Kyle still onboard.  We pushed buttons and looked around in confusion before the reality set in that Kyle was trapped.  Confusion suddenly turned into disbelief as the train started to pull away!  Anne and Abby on the platform, Kyle on the train, no cell phones, no plan, and no idea where the train was going.  We would give anything to have captured the looks on our faces as that train rolled out of the station.  Great way to start the weekend J  Fortunately for us, Kyle wasn’t destined for some far off village on the coast of Spain…just a small train stop 3 minutes down the track.  Unfortunately, Anne forgot the ‘stay put’ rule – the number one rule for when you get separated – and started walking towards where she was told the next stop was.  Kyle was relieved to get off the train and start walking back to the station and expected to find Anne waiting.  Somehow we missed each other in passing and it wasn’t until Anne realized that she should have stayed where she was and went back to the original station that we found each other.   A big hug , lots of laughing, and re-enacting our train platform scene left us feeling relieved and ready for a copa de vino (glass of wine)!

We found our hotel – Hotel Ceyan – in the heart of the historic center of Salamanca, right next to the gorgeous Plaza Mayor.  It was certainly not the four star Pricelined hotel we’ve become accustomed to, but it did the job and didn’t have too many ‘cooties.’  We dropped our bags and set off in search of the perfect place to settle in for a bite to eat.  We ended up having a wonderful dinner (Rissoto funghi for Anne and Paella for Kyle) at a café on the romantic Plaza Mayor.   The night was complete with gelato and a stroll through the chilly, glowing streets of Salamanca.

We woke up to find that it was much colder in Salamanca than it had been in Madrid.  We set out for breakfast and found a little café that welcomed Abby before returning to the hotel to grab our coats.  We spent the day walking the town, taking in the beautiful cathedral, bridges, university, parks, fountains, and especially Plaza Mayor.  The best part of the day was sitting at a café with Abby curled up in the sun next to our table, sipping cerveca and people watching.  We realized at that moment that we had been so focused on finding an apartment and taking care of all the things that needed to be done in Madrid that we hadn’t really stopped to enjoy where we were.  Salamanca reminded us to slow down and enjoy.

We started the next day with the best croissants we’ve ever had, thanks to the recommendation of our friend Tiffany Courtnage who had studied in Salamanca during college and was nice enough to tell us about some of the ‘don’t miss’ highlights.  Croissanterie Paris was certainly one of them – yum!   Next was enjoying a coffee at a little table on Plaza Mayor before we headed to the train station and made our way back home to Madrid.   


2 Responses to “Salamanca”

  1. Megan Houdeshel Says:

    Man, you two are sure looking the European part! Anne, I love the hair – Kyle that jacket is awesome.

  2. Oh gosh you two! What a fab post though and funny experience…looks like a good weekend overall. I need an update about the home hunt.

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