Listo? (Are you ready?!?!?!)

On October 4, 2010 we managed to carry our life in four very heavy bags on the first part of our journey. We had met our dear friends the French’s, the Bishop’s and our brother Matt for a quick farewell coffee before picking Erin up from work to take us to the airport. Erin and Anne barely made it through hugs goodbye and laughed to avoid tears. I suppose we provided plenty to laugh at with our bags that weighed more than we did and our little dog in a bag!


 Abby survived her first cross-continental flight to Washington D.C. and    won the hearts all the flight attendants and several fellow passengers in the process. We landed in Dulles just before midnight, caught a cab to a nearby hotel, and crashed for the night. We had planned to get up and head into D.C. to spend the day with our friends Krysta, Eric and Lou (the French bulldog), but we were having second thoughts after realizing that we broke a sweat moving just 50 yards with our oversized luggage! Luckily we were able to leave our bags at the front desk of the hotel overnight while we went into the city and pick them up again before our flight the next day. We would never have survived the metro with 250 lbs on our backs!

We finally got off at the Eastern Market station in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of D.C. to find Krysta and Lou waiting for us. It was SO good to see Krysta! She had moved from Seattle to D.C. in June to get her masters at George Washington University and we had missed her terribly. We enjoyed lunch on a patio and went on a walking tour of the Capitol Mall with Krysta as our tour guide. We were also lucky enough to celebrate Eric’s birthday that night at a fantastic little Italian restaurant nearby. We finished the day by meeting our long-time Boise friend, Kellee Hardesty, for a drink in Dupont Circle. Overall, it was a great day spent with good friends. A perfect way to spend our last day in the US for the next year!


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