One Big Happy Family

What do you get when you put four adults, two cats and a dog in less than 1,000 square feet… One big happy family 🙂

We packed up and moved out of our little house in Fremont in June to make room for our fantastic renters, Michelle and Steve. With suitcases in tow we crashed with our dear friends, Gioia and Edgar, for a month before we began a more permanent stay with our sister and brother, Matt and Erin (and of course their two cats, Cecil and Athena).

What once was a peaceful apartment on a quiet street in Ballard has now been endearingly named ‘the zoo.’ The cousins – Abby, Cecil and Athena – provide constant entertainement, especially as Abby has learned to “play cat” by swatting and chasing. Let’s just say that as a 5lb furball she is no match for her meowing cousins. They have no intention of letting a dog run the show!

The human inhabitants have settled in and gotten used to eachother too over the last few months. We learned to make ourselves at home after the natural adjustments that come with living with roomates – particularly twin sisters who haven’t lived together since they were 18! Erin and Matt win the “best roommates ever award” for their culinary genius – the Granderson’s try to keep up but are no match for the incredible dinners that show up on our plates night after night. Evenings are often enjoyed with a bottle of wine and Matt strumming away on his guitar or mandolin. Life is good in Ballard.

As excited as we are to head out for our adventure in Spain, we’re going to miss being ‘one big happy family’. We’ll forever remember pub crawls through Ballard, late night gelato runs, endless FerGrander, laps around the kitchen, constant pet entertainment, and the wonderful summer we spent together.


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