Getting ready to say “Bye Bye Albion”

So it turns out that moving to Spain isn’t just all fun and games.  We have spent the past three weeks getting our little Albion house ready to be sold and it has been quite the process.  We’re thinking we have 3 stories worth documenting from this overwhelming experience…

1) The Granderson Garage Sale

It all began when we realized we had some serious purging to do.  Somehow, over the past year and half that we’ve lived here, we managed to fill every drawer, every closet, and every bit of usable space in this place.  We decided it was time for a garage sale – one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, right?  So the purge began and every item we could bear to part with was labeled with a bright yellow price sticker – most items at a whopping 50 cents.  And did we mention that people that come to garage sales posted on craigslist are crazy?  Yes, Anne did in fact have to tell a woman that she was not allowed to come in our house at 8:45 as we brought out items for a sale starting at 9am.  Oh, and don’t forget the woman who literally visited us 5 times throughout the day as if she just couldn’t get enough.  And then the highlight of the day – the Everett family who pulled up in their minivan and left an oil stain on our driveway.  Let’s just say their visit involved a little boy breaking a pumpkin decoration, Anne keeping screaming children from running into the street, Kyle rescuing a little one in a t-shirt and diaper who fell and skinned his knee, and us selling half the stuff on our driveway for $25 when it was over $100 worth of stuff!  On a less “where are we” note…It was wonderful to have Matt & Erin hang out for much of the day, Gioia stop by, Ryan help out, the Bishop’s say hi, and the Wiley’s join us for an impromptu pho dinner!

2) A Storage Unit Valentine’s Day

Last Valentine’s day we were celebrating our honeymoon on the beaches of Cabo.  We had a bit of a disaster involving a fancy schmancy resort with multiple security gates, a Mathew Perry sighting, walking away from a pre-fix menu that would have cost more than our entire honeymoon and an evening ending with thrown together cheese quesadillas and a game of bananagrams.  This Valentine’s day was it’s own beautiful disaster.  We spent the day filling up our storage unit with all the things we won’t need for the next two years – it’s amazing how many things you think you “need” but are really just taking up space.  We finally ended the evening by making quesadillas and drinking dos equis in honor of last Valentines day – we may have started a new Granderson tradition!

3) Free beauty bark – you get what you pay for

So one of the final steps we had to take to get the house in shape was to cover the front yard with bark.  We ripped out the little yard we built for Abby, pulled weeds and then covered up the damage that remained with “beauty bark.”  Those of you that know Kyle and I can imagine our reaction when we learned that bark was actually a significant financial investment!  So…being the resourceful Seattleites we are, we found free bark.  Oh yes, for anyone out there in need of bark, there is in fact an enourmous pile of wood chips in Magnuson Park ready to be hauled away to a happy home.  Imagine Kyle, Ashleigh and Anne with gloves, a tarp covered Jetta trunk, gloves, a plastic garbage can, a cardboard box and a paper bag.  Don’t mind the leaves and small branches mixed in, just fill and dump until the trunk is full!  After lots of laughing and wishing that iphones had flashes we made it home and spread the bark over the front yard.  Amazingly enough, it looked okay and we went to sleep feeling quite proud of our resourcefulness.

The house goes on the market on Friday – keep your fingers crossed!


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