The Adventure Begins

We, Kyle and Anne Grant-Anderson – a 20-something, newly married couple living 3 blocks from the Fremont troll with our adorable 5-pound puppy, Abby – love our life.  We love our friends, our families, our house and even our jobs.  So why would we want to turn our lives upside down to go on a once in a lifetime adventure?  Because – it will be the Ultimate Granderson Getaway!

Our story began over ten years ago when we were in high school and after six years of dating, a 2-year trial “divorce,” and a year of marriage we are preparing for the grandest adventure of our shared life together.

So what is a Granderson Getaway?  When we got married we decided to share our names and become the Grant-Anderson’s which we’ve happily blended as “Granderson.”  We tend to do a lot of running around from one thing to another and it can sometimes be a challenge to set aside “us time” so we established the “Granderson Getaway” as a way for us to prioritize eachother and take time to simply be “us.”  The rule is that no matter where we are and what wer’re doing, Granderson Getaways are meant for us to think about how we can be better.  We turn off the cell phones, avoid Facebook at all costs and focus on eachother.  It is the best way to shut out the world and reap the benefits of being married to your best friend and someone you fall more in love with everyday.  Hence – the Granderson Getaway.

So, with that understanding, what exactly is the Ultimate Granderson Getaway?  A typical Granderson getaway is a weekend locked up in our house with lots of movies, cooking and curling up on the couch.  The Ultimate Granderson Getaway takes things to a whole new level.  In October 2010, Kyle, Anne and our little one will be leaving the life we love in Seattle to start something new in Madrid, Spain. 

Kyle applied and was accepted into a highly ranked international MBA program at IE Business School in Madrid.  Abby and Anne could not be prouder!  We tried to keep our feet on the ground at first and not get too carried away, but we soon came to realize that this was an opportunity that we just could’t pass up.  So where do we go from here?  The adventure begins…

1.  Have a “Moving to Spain Sale” to get rid of the rediculous amount of ‘stuff’ we have accumulated in our little house!
2.  Put our house up for sale in a pretty terrible market and hope, hope, hope that someone wants to buy it!
3.  Learn Spanish – oh yeah, we’re sure that’s going to be easy to check of the list – no big deal, right?!?!?  Hmmm…
4.  Figure out how we’re going to live within a 700 sq ft condo with Abby, Erin & Matt (sister (in-law) & brother-in-law)) and Cecil & Athena (the two cousin cats that each weigh easily twice as much as Abby and don’t particularly love their canine cousin).

The adventure begins…


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